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Acid Zinc plating plant

Acid zinc electroplating is one of the most essential methods that are used for electroplating. It’s a very cost – effective process and is mostly used to offer a protective coating to metallic substances like as fasteners, bolts, nuts, automotive parts and fasteners and various other hardware items.

Benefits of automatic acid zinc plating

  • High productivity with consistency in quality
  • High efficiency and faster deposition
  • Passivation offers a greater corrosion resistance & It improves the overall appearance of the metal by offering them a wide range of colors
  • Gives a clean look, brightness and a complete glowing shine
  • Commonly distinguished as Rack or Barrel automatic plants
  • Eliminates man-made errors & saves labour costs
  • Low cost treatment

The process of zinc plating process is categorized into five steps which includes the cleaning of the substance, activation or pickling, electroplating, passivation and drying the completed product.