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CED plant

Electro coating, which is also called to as electro deposition, CED coating, CED painting or electro painting is an organic finishing process that applies a sheer thin – film uniformly and one coast finishes to metallic substrates. These resembles electroplating in that it makes use of an electrical current to deposit a coating a coasting onto substrates. However, electro coating deposits water born paint onto substrates rather than metal ions.

Benefits of CEO

  • Highest level of rust resistance
  • Enable coating of highly recessed areas
  • Offer ability to coat complex shapes with unequalled preciseness
  • Transfer efficiency of over 90%, reduced paint wastage
  • CED paint never sag during curing and will never wash off in enclosed areas as to hot vapours.

Cathode Electro Deposition is most advanced and highly environmentally friendly water based coating to be done on metal components. A mix of dip and spray make sure the pain reach at all nooks of components having intrinsic shape too. Highly chemical resistant, durable and pleasant in appearance having a decent salt spray life and is preferred by all automobile users.

Gugan Engineering offers fully automatic plant capacity of 3 tons to 20 tons and it is a rack type plant. The plant is fully automatic, with duty standby, pump operation, automatic water addition, QMS, etc. the plant features an online drying system and an innovative SCADA system.