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Gugan Our Company

Launched in 2017 with a team of highly professional and passionate engineers

We aim of build an association to exploit a business opportunity with the knowledge and opportunity nagged over various years of experience. Gugan Engineering is managed by a team of highly qualified engineers having experience in working with globally reputed companies.

The various types of electroplating are mass plating which is also called as barrel plating, rack plating, continuous plating and in line plating.

Functional plating example: Zinc Nickel plating, Acid Zinc plating, Alkaline Zinc plating, etc

Non Functional Plating example: Single layer chrome plating, Nickel plating, gold plating, etc

We are a young and dynamic firm backed by highly experience and visionary steer leaders; we never believe in settling simply with an uncreative approach. We believe in leading a way through innovation.

We believe that your staffs play a viral role in letting us attain greater business objectives. Guhan engineering immensely values the role of our staffs and so we keep our corporate conduct such that we will take care of their well – being. We choose fair working conditions and our strong plant setup make sure complete employee safety.

This is a method of applying shielding zinc coating to iron or steel by dipping the same in molten zinc. This process prevents the metal from rusting. To know more contact us.