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Alkaline Zinc plating

This is famous with many of our clients as of its ability to plate with excellent distribution over complex geometry and to make cosmetically acceptable deposits. We provide alkaline zinc plating in both rack and barrel parts. With environment restrictions increasing, alkaline non – cyanide zinc will start to grow replacing the cyanide processes.

Benefits of Alkaline Zinc plating

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Alkaline zinc plating along with trivalent passivation & topcoat/sealant offers improved SST
  • Unparalleled plating distribution from high to low areas
  • Have less tensile stress
  • Great ductility
  • Automatic plant provided with PLC & SCADA

Gugan Engineering offers fully automatic plant of 3 tons to 20 tons of capacity per day and the type of plant is Race and Barrel. The configuration of plant is straight line, U type and S type. Alkaline Zine plating is completely automatic with auto dosing, automatic water addition, rectifier in constant current mode and quality management system. The basket-handling transporter can be incorporated for passivation process. Our automatic plant provides a state of the art cathodic movement in alkaline bath to avoid jig marks.