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Titanium Basket

* Superior grade of titanium material used for construction of baskets

* Highly durable

* Superior quality workmanship

Barrel Dangler

* Highly abrasive resistant

* Good conductivity achieved by flexible copper cable* Durability


* Material of construction: Stainless steel grade – SS316, Titanium, Teflon coated SS304

Oil Skimmer

* Simplified design for efficient extraction of oil from degreasing tank and anodic process tank

* Highly durable

* Maintenance free

* Material of construction: Highly anti corrosive

Centrifugal Dryer

* Effective drying of tiny components like fasteners, etc.

* Blower control for uniform heat distribution

* Automatic time & temperature controlled dryers

* Provision of Safety interlock

* Alerts operator on completion of drying process can be used to extract excess oil before preclearing process Keywords: Centrifugal dryer, hydro extractor

Fumes Exhaust System

* Accurate CFM calculation for open process tanks

* Energy efficient & highly durable

* Robust construction made of Polypropylene / PPGL with FRP

* Meets requirement of PCB (pollution control board)

* Impeller moulded with FRP using vinyl ester resin

* Damper control for branch ducts Keywords: scrubber, wet scrubber, Acid fume exhaust system

PP barrels

* Highly robust construction

* Inert for acid alkaline media

* Very less maintenance required

* Built precisely for automatic plants Keywords: electroplating barrel

Online Drier

* Type: Top loading dryer

* Door open close operation can be controlled from PLC

* Completely sealed construction for high energy efficiency

* Safety interlocks incorporated Keywords: Online dryer, Water dryer oven, Industrial oven, Automatic dryer

Copper V Blocks

* Highly precise manufacturing by VMC machine

* Used EC grade copper for high conductivity

* Accurate mating to ensure coverage of larger surface area Keywords: V block, K block, Male V block

PP filter

* Molded design

* Very high resistance for Acid & alkaline media

* Easy installation & Maintenance

* Durability

* Types: Cartridge filter, pad filter Keywords: Polypropylene filter machine, electroplating filter, plating filter, chemical filter

PP V block

* Custom design

* Long life, durability

* Ready stock, Inventory Keywords: V block, K block, Male V block .